2013 Hottest Toys by Five Little Monkeys

This 510Families guide to the 2013 holiday season’s hottest toys is sponsored and written by Five Little Monkeys


2013 Holiday Season's Hottest Toys by Five Little Monkeys


Best baby toys, selected by 5 Little Monkeys toys1) Sophie the Giraffe by Calisson

Vulli’s Sophie the Giraffe has been amusing babies for 50 years. Made of 100% natural rubber and food paint, the BPA- and phthalate-free Sophie is soothing and safe for your teething baby. Sophie’s unique design, pattern and texture stimulate all of your baby’s senses during playtime. She makes a happy sound when squeezed, stimulating hearing and helping your baby understand the link between cause and effect. $24.99

2) Mermaid Adventure Busy Bead Maze by Alex

Over, across, above and under the sea! These busy mermaids have a lot to see! Watch little hands move the chunky bead pieces around the colorful, sea-themed maze. The beautiful sustainable table top design provides a sturdy surface for little learning hands to explore, move and discover. The beads even go through and under the tabletop! A great early learning toy for developing visual stimulation, hand eye coordination and cause and effect. $74.99

3) Tobbles Neo by Fat Brain

There’s no wrong way to stack them up–and what fun it is to knock them down! Ingeniously designed in a full spectrum of visually stimulating colors with a unique, grippable finish that’s a wonderful sensory experience in itself. $27.99

4) Sleep Sheep On The Go by Cloud B

Sleep Sheep on the Go is proof that good things come in small packages. This fluffy travel companion features four different nature sounds to calm kids and promote peaceful sleep, especially in new environments. And it’s compact enough to clip onto a stroller, or pack into a diaper bag or carry-on luggage. $24.99

5) Skwish by Manhattan Toy

Skwish appeals to baby’s visual and tactile curiosity, making this sophisticated toy a source of wonder and learning. This classic wooden toy has won the hearts of babies and parents everywhere, as well as numerous prestigious awards for its ingeniously simple design. $16.99

Best toddler toys, selected by 5 Little Monkeys toys


1) Fun Time Tractor by International Playthings

The Funtime Tractor features 5 animal friends that stand in the trailer and make animal sounds when placed in their appropriate spots. Press the funnel to hear realistic engine sounds and then the tractor rolls along for 10 seconds! Push the driver to hear a fun melody, and you can also push the steering wheel to hear a horn sound. This small toy for kids is not only fun, but it is also a learning tool for them to teach themselves about different shapes and sounds. $36.99

2) Early Melodies Pound and Tap Bench by Hape

The silliest songs start with the Early Melodies Pound and Tap Bench. It has two ways to play music: pound the balls until they gently drop and roll down the xylophone or pull out the xylophone and tap on the keys. Builds hand-eye coordination, color patterns, and cause and effect. $29.99

3) Scuttle Bug by Schylling

A perfect toddler riding toy: smooth and quiet and easy to ride indoors or outdoors, plus folds for storage-what could be better? Holds up to 44 lbs, we recommend your child wears a helmet. $44.99

4) Bilibo by Kid-O

A rocking chair, a spinning top, a cradle, or a tunnel – children create countless uses for the award-winning Bilibo, both indoors and out. $29.99

5) Whack ‘Em Racers by Tomy

Launch cars from the garage by hitting character balls through the holes. Hammering action develops muscles and teaches cause and effect. $27.99

Best indoor preschooler toys, selected by 5 Little Monkeys toys


1) Recycled Plastic Tea Set by Green Toys

Show off your gracious hospitality with this fun, colorful 17-piece set. Complete with teapot, creamer, sugar bowl and 4 cups, saucers and spoons. 100% recycled eco-friendly plastic is dishwasher safe and meets FDA specifications for food contact. Made in USA. $27.99

2) Crazy Forts by Everest

Just add bed sheets for endless fun! Children of all ages love building fun structures where they can play endlessly in their imaginary worlds. Crazy Forts are powered by a child’s imagination. A single Crazy Forts Kit contains 25 geometrically precise balls and 44 sticks that connect to create a multitude of possible play structures. $59.99

3) Dalmatian Vet Kit by Battat

This 18-piece set includes a puppy, vet cage, can of food, can of vitamins, bone, tray, brush, blood pressure meter, mirror, ear examiner, hammer, tongs, scissors, tweezers, 2-piece syringe, stethoscope and thermometer. $35.99

4) MACK Granite Fire Engine

Driven straight from the construction site, this truck is loaded with realistic details, including a cool engine under the flip-top hood, real tire treads, folding mirrors, operational back gate, and, of course, a tilting bed. Awesome for indoors and out. $119.99

5) Pirate Ship by Playmobil

Set sail for high seas adventure with the Playmobil Pirates Ship! This ship features working cannons, a hidden compartment to store treasure and a crane that can be used for loading and unloading the goods. $89.99

Best active preschooler toys, selected by 5 Little Monkeys toys


1) Mini Micro Kickboard Scooter by Kickboard USA

This scooter delivers a thrilling ride with an emphasis on safety. Designed low to the ground with 3 wheels for stability, kids shift their weight to move left or right improving their balance and coordination along the way. Simple steering mechanism and rear spoon brake add just the right control. $79.99

2) Skuut Balance Bike by Diggin

The Skuut is a wooden bike with no pedals and no training wheels. Children kick off the ground as if running, thus pushing or “skuut-ing” themselves and the bike forward. The Skuut is perfect for learning balance, steering, coordination and independence. Having mastered balance on the Skuut, the transition to a traditional two wheeler bike is easy. $99.99

3) Skylight Rocket by Universal Toys

Enjoy high-flying fun without the hazards. Just jump on the air-powered launch pad and send the rocket soaring! You get 5 rockets in all, 3 for daytime and 2 that light up with red and blue LED flashing lights for spectacular nighttime shows. $19.99

4) Pogo Jumper by International Playthings

Got a lot of energy? Start hopping! Pogo jumper is made from soft, durable foam and has a stretchy bungee cord handle that accommodates any height. Holds up to 250 lbs. $17.99

5) Hop Fantasy by Toy Marketing International

Hop Fantasy provides exercise for indoors and smooth safe outdoor surfaces. Hop Balls promote children’s body coordination, balance, lymph circulation and provides a fun workout! $29.99

Best indoor toys for ages 6-8, selected by 5 Little Monkeys toys


1) Goldieblox and the Spinning Machine by Goldieblox

In this award-winning debut story, Goldie builds a spinning machine to help her dog, Nacho, chase his tail. Soon all her friends want in on the action. Help Goldie build a belt drive machine to spin everybody! -A book series plus construction set starring Goldie, the girl inventor. -Builds spatial skills, engineering principles, and confidence in problem-solving. -Comes equipped with 16 design ideas and unlimited building possibilities. $29.99

2) Magformers WOW Set by Magformers

Form mini vehicles with squares, triangles, and wheels. Magformers construction sets foster brain development through fun and educational exploration. With high quality, durable construction and intelligent magnetic design, the possibilities are endless! $49.99

3) Purr-fect Pillow Plushcraft by Orb Factory

Follow a simple numbered legend and use the stylus to punch pretty pink and purple fabric no sewing required! This kit contains glittering and regular fabric pieces. Use the eyes and cute kitten nose to complete your adorable kitten. $17.99

4) Quadrilla Vertigo Marble Run by Hape

Drop the marbles. Watch them spin, see-saw and fall through the spiral funnels and really pick up speed as they hit the straight-away rails! Trigger 3-dimensional thinking as kids marvel at the engineering genius of this eco-correct birch- and rubber-wood maze. $149.99

5) Boogie Board by Improv Electronics

Discover the coolest way to take notes. The pressure sensitive LCD writing surface lets you write, sketch or draw with the stylus (included) or even your fingers! Everything erases with the touch of a button. Durable, shatterproof nontoxic plastic is perfectly sized to fit in a backpack. $34.99

Best active toys for ages 6-8, selected by 5 Little Monkeys toys


1) Morphibians Viper RC by Kid Galaxy

Rule land or water indoors or out! Watch this mean machine with sturdy 4×4 turf digging tires hit pavement, dirt, grass–even pools or ponds, with an unbeatable forward thrust. $29.99

2) Pop Up Junior Soccer Goal by Franklin

Sets up and breaks down in just seconds Peg hooks secure goal to ground PE soccer goal netting Courier style carry bag with adjustable shoulder strap included for easy transport. Ideal for soccer and other sports $39.99

3) BeamO by Toy Smith

BeamO is a giant, soft flying hoop toy designed for ease of control, catchability and aesthetic appeal. Most people will feel like experts within 15 minutes of play. $19.99

4) Doink It Darts by Marky Sparky

Powerful magnets stick on to the 16″ dartboard and not on the wall! Six space-age Doink-its are light, balanced and fly true every time. Our perennial best-seller and the finest magnetic dartboard at any price. $29.99

5) Maxi Scooter by Kickboard USA

Why walk when you can sidewalk surf? High-performance Maxi Kick Scooter gives you 3 wheels for durability, stability and surf-ability. Swiss engineered to be easy to learn and lightweight with unique lean-and-steer design and rear “spoon” brakes. $134.99

Best indoor toys for ages 9+, selected by 5 Little Monkeys toys


1) Spirograph Deluxe Kit by Kahootz

Create beautifully intricate designs using the motion of gears around wheels. 45-piece deluxe set includes 19 wheels, 2 rings, spiro-putty, 3 pens, design paper, guide booklet and carry-along storage case. $29.99

2) Demolition Lab Triple Blast by Smart Lab Toys

Apply the science of power, force, momentum and gravity to construct and demolish any number of warehouse-type buildings. Mix and match over 60 walls, spires beams and panels—then bring them tumbling down with strategically-placed blasters. Ka-boom! $39.99

3) Rainbow Loom by Choon’s Design

Rainbow Loom is a kit for making super fun rubber band links! Loom-mania is sweeping the nation, and kids all over the country are weaving rubber band creations. $15.99

4) Kendama Pro by Kendama USA

A game easy to learn yet difficult to master, ensuring hours of concentrated play. Catch the ball on the various size cups, then go for the spike, landing the ball on the pointed tip. $19.99

5) Tapeffiti Headband Kit by Fashion Angels

Create custom headbands with the Fashion Angels Tapeffiti Headband Kit. Choose your favorite Tapeffiti rolls and decorate the headbands any way you like. The kit includes wide and thin headband styles for any taste and the design guide provides tips and ideas to use in your designs. $15.99

Best active toys for ages 9+, selected by 5 Little Monkeys toys


1) Light-Up Air Power Soccer Disk by Can You Imagine

The disk glides on a cushion of air and hovers over any smooth surface, from low-pile carpets to the driveway. Just kick it! Great during the day, amazing at night, this playful disk has its own built-in light show using LEDs that never burn out. Soft, rebound rim protects furniture and walls. $19.99

2) Ogo Disk RAQ by Ogo Sport

Is there a trampoline on the ball field? Yes! The RAQ racquets are mini-trampolines for Flux balls. Translation: lots of fun for kids as they run, dive and catch the balls to win the match. $34.99

3) Djubi Classic by Aliquantum

Catch this! Djubi Classic (Joo-bee) is the hook it, launch it, and catch it game. Two cleverly designed rackets combine with a unique ball for a game of long-range catch. The djubi (the ball) can fly 100′ and is great for the backyard and the beach. $24.99

4) Flight Pogo Stick by National Sporting Goods

The pogo stick is no longer a “simple toy”! National Sporting Goods is helping to expand the next generation with a new line of expertly designed pogo sticks. Combining the classic form for traditional bouncing with new-age function for aspiring Xpogo athletes. This is not your grandpa or ma’s stick! $64.99

5) Spooner Board by Spooner

Ace your surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding skills with the Spooner Board. It’s an innovative trainer that lets you perfect your moves at home. Helps to develop balance, coordination and totally rad board skills. Practically indestructible and made in the USA. $44.99

Games your whole family will love, selected by 5 Little Monkeys toys

Favorite Games for the Entire Family!

1) Spot It! San Francisco by Blue Orange Games

Fog or shine, get ready to spot what’s great in the City by the Bay. Spot it! San Francisco is a party card game consisting of 55 cards, each featuring an assortment of iconic San Francisco symbols. The fast action and brilliant game mechanics will have you hooked! $12.99

2) Terzetto by Gamewright

Take turns placing 3 marbles onto your boards like the pattern in the shaker. Fill your board before your opponent to win this head-to-head match that develops reasoning, visual and fine motor skills. $22.99

3) Count Your Chickens by Peaceable Kingdom

A Cooperative Game like this one means that everyone plays together, no one is left out and everyone has fun! Peaceable Kingdom’s fun and colorful cooperative games emphasize play, decision making and learning to share. Great for kids and adults of all ages! Prices Vary

4) Laser Maze by Think Fun

Trigger your strategic thinking. Pick a card. Set up the game grid to meet the challenge. Decide where to add tokens. When the laser beam hits the targets you win! $29.99

5) Timeline Diversity by Asmosdee

Timeline Diversity is a looser, trickier version of the historical events edition. Whether it’s the first superhero appearance or the invention of the coffee maker, placing the most cards correctly on the timeline wins the game. $14.99

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Wow! We want to give a huge round of applause to Five Little Monkeys for sharing their top holiday picks with us this year. I feel like I have special ideas for all the people on my list. This post was sponsored and the toy picks were provided by the toy experts at Five Little Monkeys, with beautiful toy stores in Albany on Solano and three other Bay Area locations. 

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