5 clever tech tools for Disneyland visitors

Before you go to DisneylandPlanning a trip to The Happiest Place on Earth can be intimidating for any parent. I’ve been there with my kids three times, and as a blogger have met enough of the behind-the-scenes folks to learn a few techy tricks.


1- Watch a few videos on YouTube. If you have an anxious child and want to prepare him or her for larger-than-life characters or rides, there is plenty of footage on YouTube to help you do that. Search for the name of the ride and the words “disneyland ride”. You’ll find it. If you are thinking it’s all fun and games at Disneyland, I encourage you to watch a video of Pinocchio’s Daring Journey. It’s freaking scary and I regretted pressuring my 7-year old son to ride it.

2- Follow @DisneylandToday on Twitter. There are many Disney handles on Twitter, but this is the official one from within the park. Occasional tweets about hours and rides with short lines. Nothing to obsessively refresh, but nice to browse while you’re waiting in line, and the word on the street is that if you tweet them with a question, you’ll get a response.

3- Download a list of the food options. If you worry about picky eating, must stick to a certain diet, or just like to obsess about food before you go anywhere, here’s a PDF detailing meal options with a focus on healthy, balanced choices. On my first visit as a parent, I was delighted by the sides of fruits and veggies that came with every entree. Take a peek at the menus.

4- Read a blog post or two. You’re already reading one. Check. There are blogs galore dedicated to passing along Disneyland wisdom. If you do a google search, you might be instantly overwhelmed. Here’s a useful post from one Bay Area mom blogger. Now you’re good. This page on Skinny Scoop is a long list of tips for first-time visitors, which is also helpful. I liked learning that you can get a “First-time” button to wear at City Hall if you stop by right when you enter the park.

5- Use an app. People like this one, DL Wait Times, that focuses on the length of lines at each ride. We liked having MouseWait, which is available for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, because it also included a map of the park and restaurant info. If you like to plan ahead, you can also check showtimes online. Much to my surprise, my kids loved the parade more than anything else. In the future, we’ll plan our whole day around it.


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  1. ashwini says

    Oh my god !! Perfect timing !! We are leaving next week and I was freaking out about meals / food for my 18 mo picky eater ! Thank you so very much for the post :)