Are backpacks for babies “over”?

When my dad wore my baby sister in a framed backpack in the 80s, it was the hot new thing. In 2005, I wore my own son in a cool German backpack I borrowed from a friend. He loved being up high with me and looking out.

When the friend needed the backpack returned for a new baby in her own family, I asked my mom to buy us a Kelty backpack for our second baby, who was on the way.

It seemed that by the time my daughter was big enough for the backpack, I had no use for it. The Ergo carrier was now big on the scene and I borrowed one of those. It was so easy to toss in the car or throw under the stroller, that I stopped thinking about using the backpack, and soon years passed.

My friend Karen is expecting her first baby, and as I listed out the things in my garage she might want to inherit, I started to wonder if the backpack has become passe. What do you think? Do you have a framed pack for your baby or toddler? Does it get much use?