Berkeley birthday party: Tilden’s Merry-Go-Round

I went to a lovely birthday party last year at the carousel in Berkeley’s Tilden Park. Made more wonderful by the shady trees and perfect summery weather, it struck me as a fun, special, and pretty easy party.

kid on carousel
[Milo got the zebra he had his eye on]

There are picnic tables immediately behind the Merry-Go-Round as well as other ones down the hill a bit. Lower level ones can be reserved through Tilden Park’s online reservation system. The ones just behind the carousel are part of a birthday package.

All birthdays include reserved table in back of the Merry-Go-Round, cake, ice-cream, drinks, paper goods. The basic package is $13 per child and includes four rides on the carousel. For more money, they will provide additional rides, party favors, and lunch from the concession stand. Call 524-6773 for information or reservations.

[birthday girl Gemma in blue]

The grassy area behind the carousel offered plenty of room for running around. The picnic tables were pleasantly shaded. The biggest downside is that the merry-go-round can be tricky to find for the uninitiated. I suggest heading toward the Little Farm (Marin side of the park) and following signs southward until you find it.

Overall = lovely! For about as much effort as a regular party in the park, this one offered magical memories and beautiful backdrops.

[Photo of Milo from Eric of Wm Eric Images  Photo of Gemma from Sarah Capitelli]

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