Berkeley Kite Festival 2015

The Berkeley Kite Festival, the most gigantic non-concert outdoor event I’ve ever been to, takes place in the Berkeley Marina every July. This year, the dates are Jul 25 and 26th.Berkeley Kite Festival in the Berkeley Marina

The largest kites, about the size of a full-sized school bus, can be seen from the top of the Berkeley Hills. The festival is family friendly with jumpy houses, kite-making stations, and a kite “ballet” performance in the sky. My daughter’s highlight is the pony rides.

Study the transportation and parking options before embarking on this trip.

The Kite Festival is FREE, but parking onsite or at a shuttle stop (Golden Gate Fields) costs $15. The activities take place from 10 am to 6 pm.

» Free Kite Making, 11:00-1:00
» Free Candy Drops, 2:30
» Free Kite Flying Lessons, 11:00-4:00
» Free Rokkaku Battle

There are plenty of food stands and kids activities, but bringing a picnic is also a great option.

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