Brilliant idea: Encore baby registry

I wish I knew about Encore baby registry before Whitney hosted a secondhand baby shower for me this summer. Inspired by my friend Christine’s hand-me-down baby shower, I had hoped I could tap into my friends’ array of cast-off baby gear while saving the earth and money too, but I don’t think my buddies were very into the idea. I hope I don’t sound ungrateful; what resulted was a very lovely eco-geeky baby shower

Felicity Hernandez, a Berkeley mom to one boy, started Encore after a similar experience. She had asked for secondhand and hand-me-down gifts at her baby shower last summer and was surprised at the low success rate. Even the people who went secondhand also bought her some new stuff to go with it. She says, “It was like they couldn’t quite show up to the party with just used stuff.”

The terrific idea: To help manage the wishlist and give the secondhand baby gift giving concept a more mainstream vibe, she recently launched Encore Baby Registry, a website where expectant parents can create a gift registry for new and used/hand-me-down items. It looks a lot like a “normal” registry (see the sample registry for inspiration) and also has information on etiquette, safety, and secondhand shopping.

I’d love to hear feedback from parents using this site! Let me know what you think.