Bring your baby to the movies!

Updated on January 2013: it looks like the baby showings are now reduced to random Tuesdays.
The Cerrito Rialto Cinema on San Pablo picks up where the Parkway left off with its “Bringing up baby” showings and we could not be happier. As longtime fans and participants of the Baby Brigade, we are pleased that the show is going on.

Parents are encouraged to bring their new babies (under one year) on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. Babies get in free, all others pay the regular ticket prices.

Enjoy your baby at the movies

To accommodate for babies, the auditorium is not quite as dark and the sound system is not quite as loud. Also, other patrons are warned. We love any opportunity for rookie parents to enjoy a new movie with dinner and no dishes. Other food includes sandwiches, salads and dessert. Come see why this is such a wonderful program for parents of infants (and why I begged them to keep it going)!

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  1. Anonymous says

    I wish they would make it 4 and under. My 3 year old can’t manage to sit still thru an entire movie in a regular theater. We took him to the Cerriot a few times as an infant and we went all the time to the Parkway when our daughter was a baby. Give us a Preschool Brigade!!!


  1. […] merely crawl to a slower pace. Word on the street is that you can (or should I say, are welcome to) bring your infant to a movie at Rialto Cinemas in El Cerrito on special nights! We did not have this luxury when our daughter was born and we lived in another state. Rumor has it […]