Reader tip: piano lessons at your home


Reader Trisha tells us: I have the best piano teacher for my daughter, 9 yrs. Alice Montgomery comes to my home (Montclair) weekly and my daughter has really grown into a beautiful piano player. She is friendly and professional, but mostly my daughter really likes her. That means she actually practices!

Talking about the news with kids


Thanks to Madeleine Rogin for offering to share her perspective on talking to kids about current events. She is a mother, a schoolteacher, and a citizen of Berkeley, CA. I am the mother of two daughters, an eight year old and a five year old, and their exposure to news of any kind is limited. […]

How to prevent lice, a guest post by NitPixies

NitPixies lice removal salon

Just the thought of our children — or us — getting headlice makes us itchy. We are so grateful to present a series of helpful posts sponsored by NitPixies, Bay Area’s full-service lice removal salon, about what to do about the little buggers. Summer camps and long days at the pool will soon be long […]

Back-to-school checklist


Back-to-school prep in the East Bay: hair, shoes, backpack, lunchbox, clothes, what else do you need?

4 Places to Buy Lunch Packing Supplies (in the 510)

Lunchbox packing in the {510}

Make lunches more fun with *out of the box* accessories.

Berkeley patios: 10 restaurants where you can eat outside with kids


Summer, which seems to run from early August to the beginning of October around here, is a nice time to eat at a restaurant with outdoor patio space.¬† The sound of kids rejecting their food can drift up into the heavens instead of bouncing off the walls and driving us all crazy. With a little […]

Have you heard about Stroller Spa?

Refurbished by Stroller Spa East Bay

Stephani is the local operator of Stroller Spa in the East Bay, where she and her husband, Rob, wash and refurbish well-worn well-loved and downright abused strollers and car seats until they are clean, safe, and baby-ready. They have two children and love playing outside together. We met Stephani at The Biggest Baby Shower and […]

Used kids clothes and consignment sales in the East Bay

Ruby's Garden in Temescal, resale shop for kids

Here are ten local opportunities besides Craig’s List to become part of the used kids clothes and gear ecosystem.

Spotlight on The New Parkway Theater: Family Classics


The New Parkway Theater caters to families on Friday afternoons with a series of kid-friendly movies. This Friday, Milo and Otis will be shown at 4 pm. Kung Fu Panda and The Muppets are queued up for the coming weeks. We are pleased to be a sponsor of these shows and hope that you’ll take […]

Solano Ave resale shop: Hannah’s


Tucked into a small alcove near Zachary’s pizza in North Berkeley is a terrific little resale shop that has saved my butt on more than one occasion: Hannah’s. Though the store is not in my usual stomping grounds, I totally recommend it. Once, the owner served me curbside with 2T sweatpants when my oldest son […]

Berkeley kids clothing resale favorite: Grove Street Kids

Grove Street Kids kids resale shop in Berkeley

At Grove Street Kids in Berkeley, the clothing is as well merchandised as I’ve ever seen in a used clothing store.

New exercise class for moms in Oakland

Just for fun, we did a Stroller Strides class with instructor Tiffany Dacko last year, I had no stroller; my kids are school-aged. But I worked up a sweat and was sore for a few days. Well done, Tiffany. Now, she’s offering a new BeFit series of classes, and promised, through this class, in 8 […]

Alameda resale: Lauren’s Closet + Toy Safari

Lauren's Closet resale in Alameda

This post is part of a series of consignment shops I visited trying to find terrific kid clothing bargains in the East Bay. Today’s resale stores are both in Alameda. LAUREN’S CLOSET Next stop, Lauren’s Closet located on bustling Park Street with metered parking and plenty of food and entertainment. This place is HUGE with […]

Ruby’s Garden: Gently used kids clothes in Temescal

Ruby's Garden kids resale shop in Oakland

What’s next best thing to second-hand clothes given you you for free? Second-hand kid stores of course! While my daughter’s closet is far from Suri Cruise’s, it is damn cute — and put together on a budget. With a bag of my daughters outgrown cream-of-the-crop clothing in tow, I ventured out to check out a […]

Rookie Moms Challenge #4: Visit the fabric store

Easy fabric projects for moms

Visit a fabric store with your baby awake and spend a naptime on one of these easy projects: play blanket, swaddle blanket, or carrier!

10 places to go on the 4th of July


A day off in the middle of the week? Here’s what’s happening around the East Bay: Lawrence Hall of Science – main exhibit area, animal discovery room and planetarium show are all open on Thursday, July 4. Alameda County Fair – in Pleasanton you’ll find the fairgrounds open from 10 am to 9 pm for […]

5 Bay Area gems I’ve found for my special needs family


Thanks to our guest contributor Colleen Gallagher, a Berkeley mom of three with a background in teaching. Having a 7-year old son with a severe language and auditory processing disorder, as well as (unrelated) metabolic disease, a double-triple whammy of varying needs to balance, means I am always on the hunt for resources to help […]