Checklist: 10 Things to do before you’re 10

Here are a few of our favorite things that we think all East Bay kiddos should check off their life lists early (along with a downloadable pdf for your fridge):

1. Test toys at the LeapFrog Lab in Emeryville
leapfrog lab
[photo from leapfrog]

2. Climb to the top of Indian Rock

[photo from whitney moss]

3. Visit the lizards at the East Bay Vivarium
Vivarium by genista
[photo from genista via flickr ]

4. Observe container ships at the Port of Oakland

[photo by jen vanya]

5. Bet a dollar at Golden Gate Fields

[photo from ChazWags]

6. Ride the concrete slide at Codonices Park

[photo by by Jesse Peterson]

7. Construct a sand castle at the Alameda annual contest
alameda sandcastle contest
[photo by e.t. via flickr]

8. Go back in time at Ardenwood Historic Farm

[photo from whitney moss]

9. Browse for craft inspiration at the Depot for Creative Reuse

[photo from depot for creative reuse]

10. Order a sundae as big as your head at Fenton’s

[photo by heather flett]

Here’s a downloadable PDF so you can put it on your fridge and check off these challenges as you go!

10 things to do before you turn ten