Dinner on the table: Instacart grocery delivery

When Instacart, food shopping and delivery service, arrived in the East Bay, I had already heard many positive reviews from my City friends. Once I tried ordering groceries from their app myself, I was hooked.

Save $10 on Instacart grocery deliverySave $10 when you try Instacart. Right now, orders over $75 include free delivery, but they seem to be always messing around with incentives so expect a new one anyday.

After a couple months of I’ve discovered three basic ways to use Instacart. Maybe one of these will sound appealing to you:

The Heather (that’s me!): Uses Instacart on my iPhone or laptop in late-afternoon right before I do the school pickup run in the hopes of getting a full grocery trip in time for dinner. Based on my shopping list, choose from either Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and blast out an order scheduled to deliver between 5pm and 7pm (depending on their availability and how soon I think I can get home from my pickups).

The Whitney: Uses Instacart when her husband is out — thus she’s trapped at home — and she just realized she’s out of milk, bananas and a few more staples for the week. She orders in the evening and schedules delivery for after bedtime.

The Sarah (AKA Padmini): Uses Instacart when coming home from a vacation and the cupboards are bare. Orders from the airport using the phone app to have fresh food delivered by the time they arrive home. You can choose dates up to a week in advance, which is perfect for a weekend escape.

How do you think you would use Instacart?

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