Take the Kids Challenge!

The East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD) has created a small paper booklet stuffed with various adventures that you and your children can do together. The program is based on the California Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights, which recommends a fundamental list of experiences from which every child would benefit, before entering high school.

Do the 3rd Annual Kids Challenge

The Kids Challenge passport includes 10 fun activities including details about where and how to best prepare for your outing.  This program is self-paced and challenges kids to complete 5 of the 10 activities listed in the Bill of Rights. Some activities require parent participation and/or additional fees (but many are FREE).  Once your child completes five of the activities, you can send in for a patch.

Kids Challenge: Discover California's Past

Ordering your own Kids Challenge booklet is FREE but a little complicated. You must create a password-protected account for the members of your family  then separately order the books (as if you were paying for a class through the Parks Department). After a few days, you’ll have your own challenge packet.

Though these make terrific summer vacation activities, the challenge is open all year long — so no excuses! Order your own kids challenge booklet >

Kids Challenge: Catch a Fish