Does a third-time mom need childbirth classes?

I’ve had two healthy babies at Alta Bates Summit in Berkeley. Both times leading up to the big event, I took childbirth prep classes. The first time was a multi-class series held over a number of weeks and the second was a quickie afternoon refresher course. Read more about my childbirth prepping and child-birthing on today. My current birthplan is “give me the epidural as soon as possible and try not to deliver in the car.”

So, I’m trying to figure out… should I take another prep class?

Through the Parent Education Center, Alta Bates Summit offers monthly sibling prep classes and a range of childbirth prep classes including VBAC and a new online series. Birthways offers many new parent support classes including childbirth education; what I didn’t find is a quickie refresher for a mom like me. If you’re a member of Kaiser, their basic childbirth prep classes are free; since I’m not, I can’t tell you much.

Dear readers, what should I add to my repertoire of birthing knowledge? Are there any classes you’d recommend? Is there a place to send my husband for a “just in case you have to deliver this baby in a car” class?