Downtown Berkeley YMCA offers programs for kids with special needs

Navigating the world of swim lessons, summer camps and childcare can be even more daunting if your child is not like all the other children. Good news for parents with extra special kids: the Berkeley Y has programming to support the needs of these to have fun, too!

Downtown Berkeley YMCA offers programs for kids with special needs

Swimming lessons: Inclusion/Special Needs classes for kids at different swimming levels are being offered. A parent or aide is required to be present in the water on the first day of class, and may be required to assist the remainder of the session based on the need of the child. New sessions begin in April. Details here.

Summer Camp: The YMCA no longer offers a dedicated week of summer camp for those with special needs. Currently, there are many special needs children in the general day camp program. If your child requires an aides the YMCA may be able to provide one or help you with reimbursements.

Parents Night Out: In the past, the Y has hosted a Special Needs Kids Night Out with a 3:1 staff to kids ratio. Call to find out if another one is upcoming.

For more information on any of these programs, contact Eden O’Brien-Brenner, Sr. Program Director. Email: or call 510-665-3238

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