Excellent post-partum fitness class: Woohoo!

I heard from a friend who heard from a friend that Woohoo Fit was a great place for a mom-friendly workout. I explored the website and really liked what I saw before plunking down a pile of money on an eight-week all-you-can-eat exercise series, known as The Kick-Start Group Program. Though I only made it to about two sessions a week, I was very proud of my effort — and my results.

What it is: A small fitness studio with creative workouts (never the same thing twice) on the same block of Solano Avenue as Five Little Monkeys. Founded by a very cool mom of two, personal training also available.

Why it rocks for moms (or dads): Adjacent childcare room for some of the classes. I brought baby Sawyer with me to classes starting at 11 weeks old. I was nervous about turning him over to a caregiver while I worked out, but he was in good hands. For better or worse, I could see/hear him the whole time. The instructors will also wear a baby or two if needed. See below.

Classes are tailored to each person’s level with modifications to make exercises easier or harder as needed. No abs? No problem. Peeing yourself with jumping jacks? You’re not alone.

Coming soon: A new prenatal/post-partum series is beginning Feb. 7. Enables parents or parents-to-be (moms and dads) a way to stay in shape or get their body back post pregnancy.  Babies as young as about eight weeks are welcome in the childcare program. For details or to sign up.

I highly recommend the kick-start or post-partum classes. Below, Eva is shown wearing some of the mini members of the class.

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    I can totally vouch for the effectiveness of woohoo fit to get back into pre-baby shape. After my second child, I was so out of shape-I got winded walking up a flight of stairs and couldn’t do a single sit-up to save my life. I thought the only way to get my body back was to get liposuction. Then I stumbled upon woohoo on a trip to 5 little monkeys. After doing the 8-week postnatal program, I felt so much stronger & healthier. Now I can do a lot of sit-ups AND push-ups. I’m in even better shape now than I was before I had kids. Friends are impressed by how I lost all the baby weight and say that I don’t look like I popped out 2 babies (the best compliment ever!). I HIGHLY recommend woohoo fit. It costs $250 for the 8 week postnatal program, which averages to about $15/class. Totally worth it. Much cheaper and better for you than plastic surgery. The childcare is great too. The babies/kids are usually having just as much fun as the parents are working out.


Get the {510} Families weekend planner in your inbox. It's free!

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