Fairyland membership: is it worth it?

I think Fairyland is a wild and crazy place. It reminds me of the Brady Bunch or a throwback to the fifties. If you’re a tiny person (toddler or preschooler), it must seem like a strange little paradise.

In the past, I have found discount admissions via Chinook Book or Group deal sites, but finally, I broke down and we activated an annual membership.

Perks of Membership:

  • Admission for one year for each adult and up to 3 children (membership goes by the number of adults AKA back-up you get to bring through the gates)
  • When a kid melts down, you can leave and not fret the entrance price!
  • One-time discounts on food and beverage (like coffee, cotton candy, etc.)
  • Half off admission to Jack O’Lantern Jamboree and Fairy Winterland
  • Invitation to members-only appreciation night
  • Special-edition Fairyland key for each child plus a bumper sticker
  • 10% discount at cafes and gift shop
  • 10% discount on park rentals
  • Additional discounts on birthday parties and summer day camp (yes!)
  • Opportunity to participate in members-only early registration period for summer camp, sleepovers, and birthday parties

What Membership doesn’t get you:

  • Plays are not free; they still cost $10.
  • Sleepovers are not discounted (but camps and birthday parties are)
  • Deals for other caregivers or friends.
  • Reciprocal agreements with other Bay Area or national attractions.

The break-even point:

At $107 (gulp!) my family of five (two adults and three named children over age one) would have to go to Fairyland almost three times in one calendar year to make the membership pay for itself (based on full price of $8 per human over age one or $40 per visit).

Three visits per year is a decent amount. We won’t feel like we have to go every weekend, and yet, we have the flexibility to go whenever. I do like Fairyland for toddlers and preschoolers but for my family of grade schoolers, I think I have to pass. Cha-ching.

Other membership levels:

Interested? register online

[Photos by me; Rate information updated 12/1/14]