Follow the falafel + find love: Liba SF

After hearing good things for months, I finally found the Liba Falafel truck, and it was better than expected. At its heart, it is a mobile falafel bar spreading wholesome food and love — yes, love! — into the community. You see, Liba means love in several languages.  When I asked, “Are you Liba?” the ebullient proprietor (pictured below) told me that Liba was love. [Embarrassment number one.]

First, how cute is Gail Lillian? I felt a little creepy taking her picture, but she went with it. [Embarrassment number two.]

Second, I ordered the “little love” falafel as a sandwich with sweet potato fries without the optional evil cilantro/lime toss. After hovering nearby, I took a turn through the salad and condiment bar. Pile your sandwich or salad up high with these accoutrements that are fresh-made daily. A dozen or so sides include Roasted Eggplant in Tomato Sauce, Tomato Cucumber Salad with Mint Red Cabbage with Black Sesame Seed, Hummus, Harissa Hot Sauce, and Yogurt Raita

Liba Falafel is in the East Bay on Hollis Street on Mondays and Wednesdays as well as a few other days of month. To locate the Liba Truck, see or follow along on twitter @LIBAfalafel or facebook “LIBA falafel truck”.

Moms with strollers can visit our favorite Emeryville playground after lunch on Wednesday.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I told you it was yummy! I, of course, adore the evil cilantro toss on the sweet potato fries :) Next, you need to try the Hodo Soy tofu banh mi sandwich from Ebbets (Wednesdays, 64th & Hollis). Delish — and if you are not a tofu fan, people say the Cuban is fantastic. I just can’t stop eating the tofu long enough to try it.

  2. says

    Evil cilantro/lime toss FTW! But for moms, you shouldn’t fail to mention how easy it is to get the toddler set to eat their veggies when you set a little mound of the carrot salad in front of them. I’ve got photos of my kid at 2 with the ribbons hanging out of his mouth like fangs as he gobbles them up. Delish. And Gail is a sweety!

  3. says

    I’ve eaten a lot of falafel in the Berkeley/Albany/Emeryville area and Liba Falafel is the best.

    The salad bar always has amazing selections – have tried the fried pickled onions? So. Good! An the carrots are flavorful and delicious. Eggplant, spiced peanuts, beets, olives, cucumber/tomatoes … it’s so good I always get the salad bowl as I can’t fit all I want in a pita.

    And have you seen Gail and her staff work that line? It goes fast and furious. Service is friendly.

    I’m a fan.