Fun and Free Family Events for East Bay Kids: Weekend of March 19-20

If you have kids, you can probably guess that I clearly instructed these boys to stay on my side of the fence from this creek. But can you guess where in the 510 they are?

While you’re thinking about it, here are a few tips for this weekend:


While the 510Families families will be dining out for an adult birthday dinner on Friday night (Burma Superstar!), those who want to earn points for being the coolest parents on the blocks can bring a handful of kids to sleep over at Chabot Space and Science Center.

Seeking an economical sitter situation? Consider a drop-off at Head Over Heels or Habitot, both offering Parents Night’s Outs.


Let your toddler shake her booty at La Pena during their morning kids concert starring Miss Kitty.

Lovers of Beauty and the Beast can see a live performance of the show in Oakland, with two performances on Saturday.

Mothers of young children can take a yoga workshop tailored to their needs at the Berkeley Yoga Studio.


Handle exotic insects at the Oakland Museum during a special family-friendly event called Bugging Out.

Watch acrobatic feats performed by kids during the Circus Arts performance put on by Kinetic Arts.

Break out the Halloween costumes for a Purim Carnival at the JCC. Religion not important: there will be a parade, carnival games, and a jumpy house!

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  1. Anonymous says

    Looks to me like those boys are in Tilden … headed to the creek by the Little Farm, perhaps? Looks like fun!