Good stuff for rookie parents

Here are a few posts we did this week on that I want to make sure our fellow East Bay parents see:

On-demand parenting advice with Kids in the House
If all the top parenting experts were your best friends and available in that “call me anytime” way via skype, then your middle-of-the-night feedings might start to look a little bit like Worried that you’re holding your baby too much? A top pediatrician will reassure you.

Have questions about if you’re producing enough breastmilk, the right age to potty train, or the secret to making mommy friends? You’ve come to the right place. Kids in the House has created a repository of 8,000 one-minute parenting videos about any topic you could want to know about from hundreds of real parents as well as the pros. Wow, right? And they’re just getting started. Videos are arranged by age of child and you can create your own playlist of favorites to watch now or save for later. {more}

For rookie moms:

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