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Stephani is the local operator of Stroller Spa in the East Bay, where she and her husband, Rob, wash and refurbish well-worn well-loved and downright abused strollers and car seats until they are clean, safe, and baby-ready. They have two children and love playing outside together. We met Stephani at The Biggest Baby Shower and wanted to share some info about her business with you guys. 

Stephani + Rob from Stroller Spa East Bay

Hot on the heels of our round-up of resale shops, I am excited to share this service that takes the skeeve factor down A LOT when considering purchasing used baby gear. After seeing some of my own stuff come out of the shed, I can also imagine bringing in the pros before my children pass their things down to each other. Apologies to my toddler who inherited the frame backpack before I knew about Stephani and her miracles.

What was the most challenging clean up job you can remember?
The most challenging job to date was a pink and white camouflage Phil & Teds stroller. It was covered in black mold! It was one of the first few strollers we detailed and it really made us try out several techniques. I was not sure if we would be able to save it, but it left our shop looking and running like new!

Refurbished by Stroller Spa East Bay

What do most customers need?
We get a good mix. Many customers need a good cleaning on a stroller or car seat. Either for general maintenance, getting ready for a new sibling, getting ready to sell, or to clean a hand-me-down or craigslist find!

The other request we get is to repair a stoller. We are an authorized service center for many brands like Bugaboo, Maclaren, and Peg Perego, but we can also service most any brand of stroller you may have.

Is there basic maintenance you suggest we all do to keep our strollers in healthy condition?
Yes, lubrication and cleaning! You can lubricate your wheels and bending joints at home and even spot clean. If you are not comfortable with that we are happy to do it for you. Depending on how often you use your gear and where you take it, it’s a great idea to bring your gear in to us once or twice a year for a full detailing. We can help to keep your gear safe, clean and running like new.

Car seat in need of TLC

I rolled my jogger through Poison Oak, what would you suggest for me?
Bring it in. We can not only detail every bit of the stroller, but once we are done it will go through a heavy duty steam treatment that is rated to kill everything from allergens to bed bugs! The detailing would remove even poison oak oils and the steam would further sanitize to kill anything that may be lurking.

To get in touch with Stephani and Rob, email Stephani@strollerspa.com.

This post was not sponsored. Whit and I want to thank Stephani for taking the time to answer our questions. We wish all the stroller jockeys out there smooth travels!

[All photos provided by Stephani from Stroller Spa]

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