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We live in Berkeley and I am firmly in support of their healthy school lunch program. As such, I kinda force my kids to buy, rather than pack, a lunch. So, for better or worse, when summer camps roll around, it’s back-to-lunchbox time for me and my family.

But, I’m never really off the hook. My littlest guy is a toddler with picky tastes in daycare, so I pack the same boring things every day for him. Right now, lunch is: seed butter and strawberry jam on whole grain bread, canned organic pumpkin mashed with banana, whole milk plain yogurt straight up, and sliced fruit that he throws on the floor.

If you are like me — and so tired of packing lunches! — then I suggest you check out where Laura Fuentes is never out of fresh ideas for packing a healthy lunch. Laura and her team invent healthy lunchtime ideas and send you the meal plan and shopping list via email each week.

It starts out with a free sample week.

Here’s the premise and promise:

What is MOMables™?
MOMables shows busy parents how to make fresh school lunches in 10 minutes or less.

MOMables = ?m?m·á·[bles]. Mom made, simple and nutritious. We’ve worked with dozens of moms, a chef and a nutritionist to create healthy lunches kids will actually eat.

Every parent I know, wants to pack a wholesome school lunch for their kids, but packing them daily, and oftentimes year-round, can be time consuming and boring. As a mom of 3 kids myself, I know this process very well. I personally pack over 540 lunches in one school calendar year. Without a plan, I run out of ideas fast.

I’ve met Laura several times, I trust her, and I’m ready for her to improve my lunchbox packing skills in time for the summer.

MOMables lunch planning service

What about you? Is lunchbox packing a source of drudgery in your house?
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