Indoor birthday party venue: Wheelhouse batting cages in Richmond

My son’s eighth birthday party was a casual, mostly-boys affair at the Wheelhouse batting cages in Richmond.

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For our Sunday evening party, we had (way too much) pizza delivered right to the venue, brought fruit, pistachios, drinks, and cupcakes. Easy!

Here’s what $160 gets you at the Wheelhouse:

  • 2 full hours of party time
  • 60 minutes in the game room, pictured above
  • 60 minutes in the Batting Cage
  • Popcorn

The birthday family supplies food, decorations and utensils.


Who it’s good for: Grade-school aged kids who are baseball enthusiasts and who can be entertained by a Foosball table while they wait their turn.

Who it’s not good for:
Families that want to put on a nice spread for a large clan, including older adults and toddlers. There’s really just one couch and a chair to sit down on. The kids at our party sat on the floor to eat their pizza and cake. The door of the facility opens into a parking lot, so there is no place for little ones to play.


We added a lane onto the standard package so that we had access to the “soft toss” machine (emulates an underhanded pitch) and the regular machine. Most of our 7- and 8-year old guests were not ready for the faster machine.

I recommend visiting the facility before committing so that you can talk through the options with the owner and envision the space you’ll have to work with. Call 510.525.2989 to discuss party packages or visit website.


Party times are Saturdays and Sundays, either mid-day or evening.

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