Kickstart this: Hackermoms

If you are a crafty, makery kind of mama in the East Bay, you must check out the Hackermoms Kickstarter fundraiser as they try to raise money to build a workshop with tools and equipment, plus create a kids program and business incubator for moms inside it.

I was blown away by Sho Sho’s story and sold on the idea of learning how to do my own blowtorch resin project so I made my pledge. Here’s what she has to say:

Each mom has a story for why she needs this space. As a founder, here’s mine: HackerMoms gave me the courage to balance a husband battling cancer, newborn baby and a toddler. Sean finally beat cancer just this August. I beat cancer by creating HackerMoms. These women taught me to linocut, blowtorch resin, use power tools, start a non-profit and laugh again. We believe that happy mothers are good for the family, the community, the world. I am so proud that this village exists – with childcare.

Seriously people, she had me at “with childcare.”

The Hackermoms are promising some terrific pledge gifts if they reach the goal of $10,000 goal by the November. And I want mine so think about it.

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[photo from sho sho at hackermoms]

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