Kids Bowl Free at Albany Bowl this summer

Kids Bowl Free at Albany Bowl this summer

The Kids Bowl Free program is nationwide, and our local independent bowling alley in Albany participates.

Simply go to the website to register your child. Every week, free bowling passes will arrive in email.

From April 15 through August 31, your child can bowl twice per day, every day, all summer as long as he or she is under 15. There is no minimum age.

Insider’s tip: Albany Bowl has ramps for preschool children to place in front of the lane so that their ball can get enough momentum to reach the pins. Ask for a ramp at the front desk if you are bowling with a child under 5.

Kids Bowl Free at Albany Bowl this summer

Yeah, we favor Albany Bowl because it is closest to our homes, but you might like to know a few other lanes in the {510} with free bowling:

See all the participating free bowling centers and remember to register!

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    Thanks for posting this and the tip about the ramps. I had never seen anything like that (the ramps) before reading about it on your site (last year, I think). I think my 2yo is going to love this!

  2. says

    You can also buy a family pass for adults/older kids for an additional $25 so everyone in the family can join in the program. We’ve found it pays for itself in just a few visits.