Local services for parents with onsite childcare


I took an exercise class at Dailey Method in Elmwood with my friend Lisa, who, it being summer, dragged her two sons along with her. Dailey Method has a childcare room with a babysitter or two, and when I asked the little dudes how they enjoyed their hour while Mom exercised, they reported on the paper airplanes they made and bragged about the fact that they were much bigger than the babies and toddlers in the room.  Score one for Dailey Method. Or perhaps, for Lisa, who was able to do something she wanted without arranging numerous hours of childcare, including paying for time during which she would have been driving.

So what other East Bay spots offer onsite childcare? This question came in from a reader and I thought you all could help me compile a list.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

YMCA – Members can bring babies as young as six weeks to Childwatch while they work out — and shower!

Bar Method Berkeley – This fitness studio offers a specific type of fitness class in North Berkeley. The kids room is staffed and open MWF at 8:30 and TTh for the 9:45 and 11:00 classes.

Yogalayam – Where Berkeley meets Oakland on Alcatraz, this yoga studio offers postpartum yoga classes with a few baby whisperers on hand to soothe your baby during class. Overall the babies are coordinated into the class for about half the time.

Spruce Salon and Spa – In Rockridge, this spa got my attention by launching with onsite “kiddo care”. Usually $9/hour while moms get serviced, Mondays are “Mom’s Day Out” and Spruce offers an hour of free childcare during any treatment between 11 am and 5 pm.

Ironworks – For $5 per hour, members can leave their child 6 months to 6 years in a playroom decked out with toys, a tv, and a sitter. Call for details.

HackerMoms – Wanna make stuff? The HackerMoms space, in order to encourage women to continue creative pursuits after motherhood, has incorporated kids into the programming. See our previous post on Hacker Moms and check the details on their website. Fees apply for children 5 months and older. Kids 6 and up can just hang in the space free of charge, as long as it’s working out for everyone.

Now tell me your childcare secrets!

[photo courtesy HackerMoms]