Lose yourself at IKEA

The Emeryville monster store, IKEA, is a colorful and fascinating place for a child (just make sure you don’t have too much on your shopping list!). Take advantage of the little-known family parking lot past the big parking structure and back toward the store. Make a bee-line for the children’s area to hop on beds and climb through the tunnel before grabbing a snack.

Lose yourself at Emeryville's IKEA

Babies can benefit from baby food, bottle heaters, and high chairs in the dining area upstairs.

Toddlers can enjoy the children’s furniture (and toy!) area complete with climbing tunnel and spinny chairs (near the cafe). If you forget a stroller, you can borrow one that doubles as a shopping cart.

Potty-trained preschoolers and big kids can be checked into the children’s play zone like a reverse library system.

I haven’t yet used the childcare zone, can anyone share positive or negative experiences?

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