Maker Faire 2015 is this weekend in San Mateo

If you like to get your tools out and invent in a crafty, constructy, tinkery kind of way then you should head south for the 2015 Maker Faire. There are several excellent exhibits for curious kids (but to be completely honest, I usually wish I left them at home so I could enjoy my own playtime).

San Mateo Maker Faire

Fun activities for kids include: enormous bubbles, lifesize version of the old Mouse Trap game, bicycle inventions, robotic cupcakes, R2D2, air-powered rockets you build yourself, and more LEGO than you’ve ever seen before!

Wondering what to expect? Alec reported his adventures at a recent Maker Faire accompanied by a five year-old. Wendy also shared her stories and pictures of her pilgrimage with the whole family. If you’re on the fence, please read about their experiences. My husband will be taking our ten- and eight-year old sons armed with walkie talkies this year while I stay at home to play with the preschooler.

I can’t wait to see his pictures though!

[photo from museum commons]

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