Mama’s little helper: Munchery prepared dinners

East Bay food delivery

Rationalizing that we need to be able to tell our 510 Families readers about it, Heather and I both ordered dinners from Munchery, and to skip to the bottom line: we’d do it again. In fact, I’m pretty sure she already has.

Munchery delivers fresh, prepared meals from a broad menu of restaurant-style entrees, salads, soups, and desserts. They even have a few items tailored to kids. The website is organized with beautiful photos to entice you and each meal is tagged with helpful categories like nut-free, organic, GF, vegetarian and other specific concerns that Bay Area consumers have. Prices are reasonable and clearly marked.

Munchery, Bay Area food delivery

Order by 3 pm and choose a delivery window for dinner time: 4-5 pm; 5-6 pm; or 6-7 pm. The food is delivered in oven- and microwave-safe compostable containers with heating instructions.

Here are a few scenarios in which Munchery might become your new best friend.

The Natalie
You want to get together with friends for dinner, but you’re not up for cooking. Send the link to today’s menu out via email and place a collective order during the work day. Each adult can choose her own entree. Make the kids pasta.

The Heather
Your in-laws have been at your house for six straight days and you need a break from the kitchen. The size of the entire crew is too motley for a restaurant, plus one of them really needs to be in bed by 7 pm. Order as many of the same entree as you need and heat it up family style upon arrival.

The Alec
Your partner is on a business trip later this week and you’ll be picking up three kids from two different schools after work. Then, after school activities. When you are reminded of this upcoming challenge on Sunday night, you immediately order enough chicken breasts and Caesar salad to feed all four of you on Tuesday evening. (Early bird discounts are on the site for some entrees ordered days in advance.) Throw in a fruit salad and save yourself a few minutes in the morning, too. It will be on your doorstep when you pull into the driveway after your long day.

The Whitney
Your fridge is full of leftover pizza from this weekend’s birthday party, and the kids are happy to eat it again. You already had pizza twice this weekend. Use the Munchery app on your phone while watching your kid’s soccer game to make sure that you eat something that’s not cheese-covered for dinner.

Browse to see if this is up your alley, or add the app to your phone.

Note: Munchery is the sponsor of our new East Bay home delivery guide, but the idea to share this amount of detail with you and all opinions above are my own.

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