Meet Lady Brain

Sunday nights on KSJO (92.3 FM), you’ll find the “most candid advice show” on the radio. The show, Lady Brain, has been called “Cosmo meets Car Talk”. And the providers of such straightforward and sage advice on all topics from sex to how to un-friend someone? Berkeley mom Lauren Schiller and Oakland mom Stephanie Dominguez Walton. “Just because we’re parents, doesn’t mean we don’t have raunchy thoughts,” says Lauren. “We can’t keep all that inside, so we’re giving parents — and all our listeners — a chance to vent, share every secret thought, and find out different perspectives on the personal issues we all face in relationships and our rebelling bodies.  Steph and I are each moms of two young kids….Believe me, we get it!”

Issue-laden? They’ll straighten you out.

Get a taste of Lady Brain with the video below. 

Tune in between 9 and 11 pm. Listeners will be able to hear honest answers to their questions, every week.  Phone lines are always open  at 877-WE-ASK-LADYBRAIN and questions can be emailed to 

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