Nordic House in Berkeley, with surprises around each corner

Nordic House has been in Oakland for years as the go-to place for all things Scandinavian, but it is a new neighbor in SW Berkeley on the 2700 block of San Pablo. The store replaces the decrepit San Pablo Poultry Company (with that painted-on window Santa Claus that was up for at least five years). So, thanks for that!

What can you expect to find here?

Nordic House is a treasure trove of children’s books, costumes, snacks, cookbooks, deli sandwiches, and many of those special fish dishes that the Scandinavians love so much. Pickled herring anyone? Need a mug or a license plate holder for your favorite Swede or Dane? This is the right place. A great place to wander for curious toddlers and their parents.

We picked up a copy of The Emperor’s New Clothes and some meatballs. On the way out, we were offered some salted licorice (an acquired taste) and ginger cookies (yummy right away). If you feel good about buying local, come on over.

This shop opened just after my family returned from ten days in Copenhagen. If only their thorough (and well-done) renovations had been completed sooner, my kids would have already been inculcated in the ways of Vikings, Pippi Longstocking, and polse m/ brod before our adventure. Oh well, next time!

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