New snack stop in Oakland – Scarecrow Popcorn

Liz Jobst, mom to baby Henry, sent in this note after a pitstop at Scarecrow Popcorn.

Scarecrow Popcorn in Oakland

After some Sunday afternoon shopping on Lakeshore Avenue, this seemingly always ravenous baby mom stopped into the newly opened popcorn shop, Scarecrow, for a snack. That afternoon there were five flavors to choose from – movie butter, jalapeno gold, kettle corn, cheese, and caramel – and they gave me generous samples before my purchase.

The popcorn is sold in three sizes: small $3, medium $6, large $12. A small was more than enough for me and would probably serve two younger kids. The shop is tiny, barely enough room for a few customers and a stroller, but you could easily enjoy your snack with kids at Mandana Plaza at the end of block.

As a caution, the cheese popcorn was well coated and left a mess on my hands. Thankfully my diaper bag is well stocked with baby wipes but you might want to grab some extra napkins.

Scarecrow Popcorn is located at 3435 Lakeshore Avenue.