Overwhelmed by holiday cards? Yeah, me too.

Find your photos

The past couple years, I’ve completely lucked out and had that one (or even two!) perfect family photos for holiday cards, uploaded the image, chosen my card design quickly (or had Whitney choose for me), then had Tiny Prints send all the cards for me over Thanksgiving weekend. I ordered a few extras to my home to send out “defensively”.

This year, not so much. My best whole family photo option is from the morning after we all stayed up half the night and slept in our clothes (below). I spent $5 on a clever site called kromephotos to fix the lighting situation, but now it looks like my husband is wearing makeup so I might have to reconsider. It’s bad, right?

We were up most of the night and slept in our clothes

If you have one great photo. You win. Pick a design that works. Colorful photo, choose a muted message. Bright and cheery words, make your photo B+W or sepia. Be proud. You’ve achieved the holy grail. Now just pick a card already!

If you have decent photos of people individually. The collage option is okay. Again, just pick one. This isn’t your wedding portrait that has to live over the fireplace for 65 years; it is a holiday card that will be pinned up among dozens of others on the mantel or fridge of people who love you. Low pressure when you think about it that way.

If you have to get creative because all your photos suck. Choose a really bad one. Or combine two outtakes to make a series like I did here.

Two bad pictures can make a cute series

Whitney will tell us that creative shapes are where it’s at. I don’t care about that. That sounds to me like it costs more $$ to make and also to send through the mail. I just want my family to look happy and relaxed. Is that too much to ask? Just kidding, I know it is!

Choosing the card

The deals are fast and furious, all designed for you to freak out and purchase quickly. Last week, it was OMG I can save 40% if I get my card done TODAY and once that expired, the deal turned to 50%. So I encourage you to make a plan, be a little flexible and then be ready when the next good deal strikes. Got that?

  1. Choose your pictures
  2. Find your addresses
  3. Be ready

There are a few great deals right NOW NOW NOW if you have found the pictures you like for holiday gifts and cards. But if you miss them, another one will be around any second:

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    We never have a good one of the whole family – so it’s collage option for us. This year we got a card w/ 3 photos on the front, one of kid, one of Dad w/ kid, one of mom w/ kid. On the back where there is just writing and no design, we did 1 of the whole family that is passable but not front-page material plus another of mom w/ kid and another of dad w/ kid (but funnier photos.) Picking just one was not going to work because there was no one stunning photo – not to mention, w/ a 20 month old they change so much throughout the year, I liked having a few photos to represent different phases of the last 12 months…