Quarter day trip: The Campanile at UC Berkeley

The iconic tower of the UC Berkeley campus is a kid-friendly adventure. Home to an observation platform that is accessed by a long elevator ride, followed by a hike up 38 stairs (not accessible to strollers or wheelchairs), the Campanile is open from 10 am to mid-afternoon every day. Would your kid like to see how tiny people on the ground look from 200 feet in the air? Mine did.

The bells gong every hour, so if that will be too scary, time your visit.

The ground floor houses the ticket booth. Kids under three and Cal students are free; kids 3-12 are $1; adults are $2.

Grab a steamed milk or a coffee at the Free Speech Movement Cafe on your way in or out of the campus. (Don’t plan to find a table there — they are scarce.)

Check specific hours of the Campanile if you are trying to go after school.

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  1. says

    I love taking the kids and our dog up to the campus to check it out and adventure around! (not that I’m grooming the girls for Cal or anything- ahem!) I always forget to actually go UP the Campanile. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

  2. Mia says

    This will be an interesting opportunity to learn and grow for what is an will be an amazing adventure through the Campus!