Reader tip: baby classes in Temescal

baby-signsOakland’s Wingspan Movement & Wellness offers a bunch of parent-baby classes. Have you tried any of them?

Beginning in February, Touch Blue Sky will be offering a baby signs as both a 6-week class and a 90 minute introductory workshop. Erin Carper leads these classes. Two different series are offered to allow families to build their vocabulary by theme.

Baby Signs joins the other cool-seeming tot classes already in progress at Wingspan:

  • Babilates for mamas and pre-walkers. Stretching class is limited to six. Reservations required. Led by Jessica.
  • Oh Baby, let’s hike for parents and their “peanuts” in supportive baby carriers through the hills of Berkeley and Oakland. Led by Jessica.

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  1. Bill White says

    I am a Touch Blue Sky baby sign language instructor from the SF Peninsula. Teacher Erin is AWESOME! Stop guessing what your baby is trying to tell you and get into this class of Erin’s. Baby Sign Language gives babies the opportunity to communicate long before they can verbalize their wants and needs. Signing with babies accelerates language acquisition, reduces frustration, enhances a child’s self esteem, and deepens the bond between parent and child. Thanks Heather for posting this opportunity for the 510 parents! ~Bill