Roller rink heaven in San Ramon at Golden Skate

Thanks to Jennifer Fleming for this retro-fabulous guest post about roller skating in the East Bay with her daughter D. I do remember the days…

Remember the days when you could go to the local roller rink and spend your afternoon rolling through black lights and listening to a DJ pump out music by Michael Jackson and Journey? Well those days are not over. The dream of the eighties is alive at Golden Skate in San Ramon. Every Friday-Sunday you can join your kid in roller rink heaven, updated with music from Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Rhianna–very popular with little girls.

The rink gets very crowded on the weekend afternoon sessions and often feels like an obstacle course where your goal is to not roll over the fingers of the four-year old who just met the rink floor in front of you. The best deal is to join the Saturday 12:00pm lesson for all ages and levels. $14 price includes admission to the 2.5 hour skate session after the lesson. This gets you 45 minutes of supervised skating, on a much less crowded rink, with several experts who will coach you and your tike on how to skate. Within 20 minutes they had my girl skating through cones and taught her how to pick herself up off the rink floor. It must have been as success as she wants to go skating every weekend now.

The regular skate session is 2.5 hours for $10; any age. Quad skate rentals are $4 each, $5 for inlines, and $5 for a Skate Mate, which is like a walker on wheels. Late night sessions for adults usually feature soul and funk music with roller disco dancing. Adult only sessions are on Wednesday nights. The rink is often open for special sessions on Mondays when there is a holiday, so check the schedule. There are several birthday party rooms on site as well. We are planning on a skating birthday party next December.

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