Rookie Moms Challenge #2: Go on a recon mission


The second in the series of 52 weekly challenges for rookie moms is to go on a reconnaissance mission. Here are a few Whitney-and-Heather-approved safe places to change and feed your baby in the East Bay:

  • Nordstrom Women’s Lounge in SF, Walnut Creek and Palo Alto have places especially for feeding and changing. Plus lots of nice old ladies who can watch your stuff or even your baby while you use the bathroom.
  • Emeryville’s Bay Street: Our friend Sunny says she spent a large part of her maternity leave at California Pizza Kitchen. It is not crowded during the week and you can get a big booth where all your stuff can fit. Bay Street also has Barnes & Noble with a cafe area and a kids section.
  • Tulip Grove in Montclair has a changing table and nursing chair among all the other baby gear and support classes. Convince yourself that your baby is right on track while you get on-the-spot lactation support.
  • Solano Kids in N. Berkeley has a cozy back-room for nursing your baby and hosts many support groups.
  • Berkeley’s 4th street: you may not believe us now, but in another month, you’ll be out on the street where there are tons of public nursers. Once you’re comfy, you can join the party. The ladies in Benefit will probably let you use one of the waxing beds as a changing table. They may wear a ton of makeup, but they are actually mostly moms themselves.
  • Looking for a non-fat decaf something-something? Check out our great cafe list from Challenge #1 Pretend You’re in Europe.

If you’ve made it past month two as a baby-wrangler, you probably have your own favorite places. Tell us what they are!

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  1. says

    While it’s been a few years since I’ve had to breastfeed while ‘out and about’ (since my baby is now five!) I definitely remember sitting comfortably, as a breastfeeding newbie, in the Nordstrom Women’s Lounge in Walnut Creek. Great place for Rookie Mom’s to get used to the idea of feeding in public! :)

  2. Anonymous says

    So glad you posted this! I was often filled with panic with my newborn rookie baby several years ago walking around Solano & trying to figure out where on earth I’d change a diaper or feed her. I soon discovered that park benches (especially at parks) will do for either function. :)

    This is an even better activity to do if you’re in those last weeks of pregnancy, waddling around and looking for something to do to stay active and keep your mind off of waiting. Or ask veteran mamas to bring these & other tips to a shower for the mom-to-be.

  3. says

    I worked about a mile away from that SF Nordstrom during most of my first year of breastfeeding/pumping, and that Women’s Lounge seriously saved my life.

    Is it stupid that my workplace had absolutely nothing better than a cramped, filthy bathroom (sans electrical outlets) for me to pump? Yes.
    Was it kind of lame that I spent most lunch breaks driving to and from said Nordstrom? Yes.

    Was it worth it to sit quietly in that comfortable, private room, pumping away and occasionally smiling at a breastfeeding or diaper-changing mom? YES YES YES.

    God bless Nordstrom.

  4. whitney says

    I was on 4th street yesterday and realized the children’s area of Books Inc has a place to sit with pillows. I would nurse there.