Solano Ave resale shop: Hannah’s

Tucked into a small alcove near Zachary’s pizza in North Berkeley is a terrific little resale shop that has saved my butt on more than one occasion: Hannah’s. Though the store is not in my usual stomping grounds, I totally recommend it. Once, the owner served me curbside with 2T sweatpants when my oldest son had splashed through his clothes during a rainstorm. I was thrilled and eternally grateful. My middle son scored a raincoat and some shirts when we were on a walk. My littlest guy got lucky with a couldn’t-pass-it-by penguin costume when he already had several costumes in the hand-me-down pile. They all want to go inside for a little tchotchke whenever we pass the store.

Expect children’s clothing, toys, and seasonally appropriate rain gear. In October, Halloween costumes at low prices sit on a rack out front. I don’t know how the owner manages to cram so much good, affordable merchandise inside a storefront so small.

Hannah's children's resale shop in Berkeley


1871 Solano Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94707
Neighborhoods: North Berkeley, East Solano Ave
(510) 525-3488
[Photo: storefront viaWhitney Moss]