Spotlight on The New Parkway Theater: Family Classics

The New Parkway Theater caters to families on Friday afternoons with a series of kid-friendly movies. This Friday, Milo and Otis will be shown at 4 pm. Kung Fu Panda and The Muppets are queued up for the coming weeks. We are pleased to be a sponsor of these shows and hope that you’ll take advantage of them.


Located in Oakland, near Broadway Auto Row, The New Parkway offers a free parking lot directly across the street from the theater. You’ll find traditional theater snacks like popcorn and candy at the concession stand, but also quesadillas and nut butter and jelly sandwiches. (This being Oakland, peanut butter is not guaranteed. You may get almond butter and locally made apricot jam!)

For children who haven’t had a movie theater experience, this is a great first one. Climbing on laps and talking out loud will be expected. Need to nurse a little one during the show? Look for couch seating. If you arrive on the early side, you’ll be able to grab it.

Read more about The New Parkway Theater here>

[2/20/2014 New Parkway programming updates]


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