Summer camp newswire: March 2012

As much as I hate to propogate anxiety about summer camps selling out and make parents feel like they need to be signing up for camp in February, I have now personally experienced what I thought before was an urban myth, a spot in a camp I was interested in for my first grader disappeared while I procrastinated my committment.

As a service to other East Bay parents, I will run this series to help keep “Sign up for summer camp” on your to-do list.

  • Pre-K Zoo Camp – Looking for a camp for your rising Kindergartner? The Oakland Zoo starts registration mid-March. Bookmark the camp details page and put a note on your calendar. (From last year, a round-up of camps for 4- and 5- year olds.)
  • Bay Area Children’s Theatre – Offering camps that will put on the show Annie in Piedmont, Alameda, and San Ramon, registration is now open. 5-6 year olds can enroll in half-day camp while 7-14 year olds go all day. (From last year, a round-up of camps for dramatic kids.)
  • New Sprouts Chinese School – offers two sessions of day camp near Lake Merritt for K-5 kids. Kids do indoor and outdoor activities, cook, craft, play sports, and more. More details here.
  • Camp 510 – Brought to us by the folks who organized the East Bay Mini-Maker Faire, this camp debuts in Oakland this year and focuses on giving kids opportunities to “do-it-themselves” from crafts to technology. Learn more.
  • Kids For The Bay – Environmental science themed programs: “Animals, Animals, Everywhere!”, “The Wonderful World of Plants!”, “Aquatic Science Adventure Camp” are the three choices for kids ages 5-10. Camp meets at various locations in Berkeley, from Tilden Park to the Berkeley Marina. More info.