Summertime reading games reward library visits

Does your child need incentive to pick up a book? If so, the various public libraries offer stickers, charts, bookmarks, and some cool kid-sized prizes for reading and stopping by the library. These FREE summer reading programs are a fun way to stay engaged in reading and learning over the summer to prevent the dreaded Summer Slide (pictured below, yikes).

Get your kids reading to prevent this kind of Summer Slide #summerslide #library

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Berkeley Public Library Summer Reading Games is all new this year. Called “Read to the Rhythm” Berkeley has taken a page from the book of neighboring cities to open up the citywide reading challenge to babies on up. Register to play as early as May 15 with prizes available as soon as June 7. Game cards include 30 boxes in the grid. Players fill in a box each time they read or listen for 20 minutes; visit a library; download a song or magazine; stream music or movies (What the?!!); download an e-book or an audiobook; or explore an online database. Completed cards will be entered into a raffle. A variety of prizes are available. In years past, rewards included bowling at Albany Bowl, a paperback book, and a scoop of Fenton’s finest ice cream.

Berkeley games run from May 15 to September 7. Read more about the summer reading games here.

Oakland Summer Reading Challenge includes online activities and stickers for days of reading. Earn prizes at 10 days. When you’ve earned 20 days, come choose your free book, pick up your prize packet, and be entered into the raffle for even more goodies (like an iPad!!). Earn more raffle entries for each reading log you complete.

Summer Reading Game for 2015 will run from June 13 through August 8. Find out more about the Oakland summer reading program here.

El Cerrito Summer Reading Festival (and other Contra Costa County libraries) offer a program for pre-readers too also, oddly enough, called “Read to the Rhythm.” Kids age 2 through 5th grade can participate and earn prizes. Our contributor, Cara, reports that the past three years (so from age 3), her daughter Brooklyn has gotten all sorts of museum passes, an inflatable globe or plane, and a book when she has completed hers.

The festival runs from June 6 to August 15. Learn more about the summer reading festival here.

San Leandro Public Library offers its reading games for babies through high school seniors as “Every Hero Has A Story.” Kids of all ages can participate to earn prizes from books to pizza and more.

San Leandro’s reading challenge runs from . read more about San Leandro’s summer reading program here.

My sons have really enjoyed the reading games in years past.

Have your kids played any of these games in summers past? Do other towns offer similar incentive plans?

libary games are summer fun

[Summer slide infographic from Berkeley Public Library]

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  1. says

    I’m sorry to hear that your son lost his reading log towards the end of the summer. :( At the Berkeley Public Library, if kids lose their reading log before the last day of the program, they are welcome to come in and get a replacement reading log, write down the books they had on the lost log, and stamp up to two stamps to mark their visits. We understand that lost logs happen. Happy Summer!

  2. Kysha M says

    I love San Leandro’s reading program. The children have to draw pictures (younger) or write a review about the book they read and then talk to a teen volunteer about what they read. They get weekly prizes and if they complete the booklet, tickets to a library carnival! I love the writing practice that I don’t have to force on them 😉 Oh and You don’t need a library card.

  3. Cara says

    What I love about the Contra Costa County libraries’ programs is that babies and toddlers and preschoolers can participate too unlike many others that oddly don’t start until first grade. They get a board book when they turn in their log which is super fun for them to get to pick out:)