Super Franks, a fun adventure indeed

Super Franks in Pleasanton worth a trip to {925} for families with kids age 1 to 4. It is a mega-monster-super indoor playspace with plenty of amenities for parents. There are several different rooms (called Taught Town, get it… tot?!) with physical activities to get the ya-yas out. Push toys and make believe stations come in multiples so each of the kiddos can have their own vehicle or costume. Moms groups can meet up and sit in nearby lounge chairs.

Coffee is served in the lobby and in many of the themed play rooms. Did I mention the free wifi (if not, I probably hesitated because you are there to play with your kid or your mom friends and not be online, right?)? There is a full restaurant menu featuring kid faves, but I can’t stay away from In-n-Out burger when I get that close.

The indoor gym has room to run, bounce, zip-line and throw balls. The day-glo underwater room includes another jumping foam pit as well as a bouncy house. Its like a child-friendly rave. especially if your little one is still sporting a paci.

Holden, age 5,  reports “i liked the foam pit and the zipline best” I also liked the big slide, the safari room downstairs with the super noisy teacher singing.

If you’re in the eastern {510}, it may be a short drive for you. it was about 40 minutes from Berkeley. Whitney and I went with our five- and six-year olds and had plenty of fun. Taught Town sessions are $7 per child and include up to two adults per paying child. Taught Town is specifically designed for kids ages 5 and under, so our big boys were aged out of many of the activities. Super Franks has lots of activities for the older kids, like the gym and the arcade area. Parental supervision is required at all times. Find coupons and deals here: Alec and I plan to try it out next week with a few three-year old testers. I expect it will be even more awesome for them.

Got stir crazy kids over 5 and up for a journey out of the {510}? Try Children’s Creativity Museum in SF or the Jungle in Concord.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Just a quick note to tell you that something is up with the link to the coupons and deals. You’ve got a mysterious extra “Alec” in there . . .

    Thanks so much for your site. We’ve come to rely on it for fun things to do with our almost 4 year old. Keep up the good work!