Take the (Richmond) Plunge

With the foul weather approaching, it’s time to share Richmond’s oldest, grandest swimming destination. The Richmond Plunge just re-opened a few years ago after having been closed for almost 10 years and it’s awesome!!

Richmond Plunge Swimming Pool

It’s a HUGE, warm water (chilly air!), indoor, semi-salty, affordable, rec-swim-friendly pool off of 580 at the Canal/Garrard Blvd. exit in Richmond (technically Point Richmond). The huge indoor pool has no fountains, toys, water slides, or baby zone, but it does have nice warm water, beautiful wall murals, and clean locker rooms.

As my friend Sarah says, “It rocks! Be sure to keep it in the back of your brain if you’re hunting for a place to swim in the upcoming cooler months, as I always am.”

Hours vary. It’s best to call ahead (510) 620-6820 or check out the current schedule. Due to strict occupancy restrictions, you will want to head there on the early side of the open swimming hours.


Richmond Plunge Swimming Pool

[Photos: by Dale Mead and  Malcolm Lubliner/ City Visions Photography]