The Emeryville Public Market for dinner + playtime

Thanks to Felicity at Encore Hand-me-down Baby Registry for urging us all to check out the improvements at Emeryville Market. Not that you need an excuse to let someone else make you dinner, but it sounds like a terrific solution for busy families with little ones.

The Public Market in Emeryville has been somewhat recently remodeled. They still have the smorgasbord of food stands with general seating (which has been upgraded) and they’ve added a family friendly dining space that includes child-sized tables and chairs (highchairs also available), a ball pit and chalk wall.

eat and play at Emeryville Public Market

I’m easily amused these days, so I was excited about the ball pit and my two-year old son’s first ball pit adventure. Grandma has a chalk wall, so we didn’t try that, but I saw that it was well stocked with chalk.




Another plus, the set up of Public Market allows different family members to choose different types of food since the seating for all food vendors is in one general spot. You can plan ahead by looking at some of their menus online.


My toddler will eat a little bit of everything on a plate from Pamir Afghan Cuisine, but his favorite part is their rice.


There is no changing table in the bathroom, but a large (larger than a changing table) flat counter surface in both the men’s and women’s restrooms that is easily used for that purpose.

They also added a big flat screen TV (not near the kiddie area–which I appreciate) that had sports on during both of our visits. They’ve got free wi-fi, too.


Where is it?
5959 Shellmound Street, Emeryville, CA
There is a big parking lot surrounding the shopping center.

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[All photos provided by Felicity Hernandez, all rights reserved]

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  1. Cara says

    The chalk wall and kids’ tables are a great addition! The ball pit has been there, and I am so not a germaphobe but still feel a little gross letting Brooklyn play in it – she loves it though! I am still mourning the loss of Borders – that made it a truly great family outing:)