Tour Fenton’s Creamery in Oakland

Did you know that they give tours of Fenton’s Ice Cream in both Oakland and Vacaville? For kids older than age six (sorry, little sibs!), you can make reservations for this special event.

Called the “arctic tour” because it concludes in a blast freezer, these half-hour tours focus on how ice cream is made in the production room with a little history lesson about Fenton’s in the good old days.

The basic tour is about $5 and includes an official hat, tour sticker, and sample ice cream at the end (not counting tax or tip).  Of course, you can pay more for deluxe sundaes or even lunch.

Other stuff to know about ice cream tours:

  • Reservations required.
  • Tours start between 11:00 – 11:30 AM only.
  • Between 8 and 12 people in a tour group.
  • Every day in Oakland; every day but Sunday in Vacaville.

Find out more or make a reservation for an arctic tour.

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Fenton’s Creamery
4226 Piedmont Ave
Oakland, CA

[ice cream photo by eurydice galka via fenton's]