Tour the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield

The greatest jellybean company in the land offers free tours and will send you home with samples and fun facts to spare. Win win.

Kids and adults will like watching robot arms move boxes of jelly beans onto conveyor belts. Grown-ups can have fun on their own too; Whitney and I went here in the late nineties (pre-kid) and had a blast.

Jelly Belly tours are approximately 40 minutes long and leave every 10-15 minutes. During peak visiting times, expect to wait up to an hour. My sons recently went with a camp group and waited for that long. Yes, you read that right, all children from any organized group need to stay together in line. No reservations. No exceptions.


Wondering if it will suit your child? Strollers are welcome, kids wait in all lines and walked the duration. I wouldn’t recommend it for wild toddlers or impatient preschoolers (or other children to whom you would not give the spoils of the visit).

You can make up for saving money on the free tour by spending it in the gift shop; a bargain can be found on the not-so-perfect beans called “belly flops”.


Eating. If you’re only in the mood for sweets, you’re in luck. The cafe has horrible food but some of it is cleverly shaped like jellybeans, so my strong advice to you is pack your own lunch. I couldn’t even stomach the pizza.

Factory tours at the Fairfield Jelly Belly plant are offered daily from 9am to 4pm (except major holidays). The factory is located about 40 minutes east of Berkeley on I-80 with ample parking in the big lots.

1 Jelly Belly Ln, Fairfield, CA 94534