Weekend Planner (December 29 + 30)

  1. Friday morning hike. (But check the East Bay Moms site for rainy default plan!)
  2. If you were too busy to check out the twinkly lights around town, there is still time: head into the hills or drive up to the zoo.
  3. Have a quiet meal or catch up on a flick you’ve missed: parents nights out are happening at Studio Grow and Pump It Up.
  4. Lawrence Hall could be the perfect winter-time stop: sculpture-making, animal encounters and planetarium shows galore!
  5. Celebrate the cold and the clouds — it’s a winter extravaganza at MOCHA.
  6. Returning gifts or cashing in gift cards? Your tot may not be interested, so that’s why there’s always Saturday afternoon story time at Barnes & Noble Bay Street.
  7. You can entertain out-of-town family and stay on this side of the Bay Bridge: check out Magic and Comedy at The Central Stage.
  8. Resolve to start family yoga for the new year! (You can start early.)
  9. If you need some Monday ideas: there’s always Play Cafe, a park you’ve never tried, Habitot,  Studio Grow, or Brushstrokes.
  10. Ring in the New Year in broad day light with Lawrence Hall of Science – bubbly apple cider and all!

Photo courtesy of Lawrence Hall of Science’s Facebook page.

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