What to expect: East Bay Mini Maker Faire

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This Sunday at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire, be sure to look for the 510 Families banner flying outside on the lawn with the good folks from Giant Cardboard Robot. We’ll have arms a’plenty to try on and WIN (for our newsletter subscribers, no purchase necessary*) and be generally saying “Hi” and playing all day long.

So, what else is going on?

Everything. There are more than 20 hands-on interactive exhibits and dozens of other cool things to watch and learn.

You’ll want to bring a shirt to screenprint! Or a whole bag of clothes to donate or upcycle. Turn your jeans into a purse. Evolve your trash into a machine! Iron a plastic bag into a tote (above). And on and on. See the schedule for workshops and demos that appeal to you and pack accordingly.

Don’t forget your unbridled enthusiasm to try new stuff with your kiddos, that’s most important.

What to expect:

  • Fun. If you like to make, create, design, cut, or glue, you will enjoy yourself. If you like to watch the incredible inventions of others, you will have plenty to ogle.
  • Crowds. While I don’t expect the teeming throngs that show up for the San Mateo Maker Faire, this mini maker will have its share of long lines for food, bathrooms, and cool exhibits.
  • Flames. Fire arts will be on display in full force. All done safely, but the child that freaks out may be yours.

We’ve been a media sponsor of the East Bay Mini Maker Faire since it’s first rainy wonderful event four years ago. And this is the first year, we’ll be out on the lawn PLAYING near the fire. We’ve seen our own kids bounce around wearing huge grins while clutching their creations and we’ve been jealous.

* If you are not going to the EBMMF and want to be eligible to win a set of Giant Robot Arms from Giant Cardboard Robot and/or a copy of the new book, Exploralab from the team at Exploratorium, email us at info@510families.com with the subject line MAKER SWEEPSTAKES and also subscribe to our mailing list. Emailing us with SWEEPSTAKES gives us permission to subscribe you if you’re not already subscribed. Our newsletter is weekly, free, and awesome but you can always unsubscribe later. Cool?