Yum yum, Doughnut Dolly!

As I was running errands and enjoying the delicious lunch hangover from a chicken sandwich at Bakesale Betty, a little sign called me down an alley.

Oh, yes! I enjoyed the “Naughty Mexican” (combo of “Naughty Cream” and “Mexican Chocolate”) oozed into a freshly-baked doughnut. I highly recommend for a treat if you’re in Temescal. Drool over the doughnut gallery or find details on doughnutdolly.com.

Find Doughnut Dolly near my favorite karaoke joint!
482 B 49th St.
Oakland, California, 94609

A new location just opened at 9th St and Gilman in Northwest Berkeley as of August, 2014.

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  1. Padmini says

    I love the title and for once I am glad that I can’t eat gluten stuff. No temptation you see (as I write this, I am salivating, go figure!)