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3 easy ways to raise money for your child’s school

Send your outgrown clothes to Schoola Labs
We love these three ways to raise money for your kiddo’s preschool:

Clean out your closet

Using this service from Schoola Labs, you can fill a bag with your children’s outgrown clothing, and they’ll donate up to 40% of the proceeds to your school of choice. Just fill out their form, and Schoola Labs will send you a postage-paid bag to fill with gently-used, name brand children’s clothing, and they’ll collect it. It sounds even easier than driving a box to Goodwill but less lucrative than a trip to the consignment shop.

Label your stuff so you don’t lose it

Our pals at Mabel’s Labels, makers of customized tags for the stuff kids lose, have a fundraising mission for nonprofit schools and daycares. Parents shop through a specially created website link and your group gets 20% of all sales. Mabel’s Labels handles all orders, payments and deliveries. Start a fundraiser for your school right here >

Enroll in camps and classes

Activity Hero offers $5 per registration for camps and classes to affiliates. If you set up your school as an affiliate, you can raise money for your cause by spreading their link to those you know.

[Photo from Schoola Labs]


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1 thought on “3 easy ways to raise money for your child’s school”

  1. Rebecca, I’ve used the Mabel’s Labels products for years and recently made a purchase via the fundraiser at preschool. Super duper recommend.

    The same parent who spearheaded the label drive just sent around the clothing donation and it seems like a good idea but I haven’t tried it yet.

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