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{510} Family Faves: Randy and Fred

Randy Brewer is the owner of Convert and Convert Shoes, two shops on Berkeley’s Fourth Street that focus on affordable eco-friendly fashion. He and his partner Fred are the parents of Ford, the stylish kiddo you’ll see hanging out (and helping out) at their in-store events. I asked Randy to answer some questions about his favorite things to do in the East Bay.

photo: SF Chronicle/Liz Hafalia
photo: SF Chronicle/Liz Hafalia

What is your family’s favorite Saturday morning ritual? I make pancakes for them before going to work. Yes, I know, retail has its downside.

What do you do on random school closure days? Ford gets to help out at the store. He’s pretty handy with a broom.

Cactus or Picante? Tacubaya!

What’s your favorite activity for one-on-one time with your son?  Walking the dog at Point Isabel.

What’s your favorite date night? It’s always been Rivoli. Elegant and intimate, and not for kids, but that’s the point. Comal has become a new favorite. Not intimate, but lots of fun and great food.

What do you like to do without your son? Believe it or not, going to a grown-up movie has become quite the treat.

Can you tell us about an amazing class Ford has taken? We love the programs at Kids and Clay. Nice owners and the kids really get into it.

What local summer camp has a special place in your heart? Cal Baseball camp. They make every kid feel like a star. Great venue, right on the field at Cal.

How Berkeley can you be?  I like to count the Prius and Foresters.

What’s your favorite Bay Area day trip? We love Healdsburg. The great small-town feel, but the food and wine are world-class. Lots of wineries have fun things for kids, too.

Thanks for spending time with us, Randy! It’s been fun!

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