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{510} Families Faves with Tom Limbert

Tom Limbert, AKA Parent Coach Tom, is a longtime friend of 510families. As one of the co-founders of Studio Grow, he helped us launch our own first book in 2008 so we’re super excited to feature him today and share his latest book, too. He has worked with thousands of children and parents through his work in education and coaching.

Tom Limbert and his favorites in the {510}

Tom offers us his favorite fun things to do around Alameda and the (510) with his ten-year old son:

Where do you live and what is your neighborhood known for?
Bay Farm Island in Alameda. It should be better known for its scenic trails and bike paths.

Do you have a favorite playground?
Adventure Playground has always been my son’s and my favorite park. We’ve evolved from picking up nails to go-pro-ing the zipline.

What’s your family’s favorite dinner out?
It’s a chain but we love California Pizza Kitchen — there I said it.


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Do you have a date night tip for other East Bay parents?
My wife loves Forbidden Island cocktails now that we are in Alameda. We used to love Friday drop-offs at Brushstrokes Studio.

What’s the best thing to do when you’ve got the kid on your own?
Little road trips to local skate parks with our dog in tow. OK we used to hit the skatepark in Berkeley or cross the bridge to Corte Madera (then hit that CPK).

What is your go-to grandparent-friendly outing?
Take the ferry from Alameda to SF. Great views along the way!

What discovery do you want to tell every parent new to the East Bay?
I like the Lake in Lafayette for a day hike or boating fun.

What’s your favorite toy store?
My son has always been a fan of Toygoround.


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What’s your pick for Alone Time?
That would be watching football but playing music with friends is close.

What amazing class has your child taken?
We have loved both our guitar teachers (Raphi Gottesman and Darryl Berk)! We heard there was good snowmobiling in Tahoe at a golf course up there but I am still exploring options and will have to report back. I can’t wait to try that together.


What They Won't Tell You About Parenting by Tom LimbertCheck out Tom Limbert’s books at one of our great local bookstores or on amazon: What They Won’t Tell You About Parenting and Dad’s Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time.

Tom has worked with thousands of children through his teaching and parent coaching.

[All images provided by Tom Limbert]

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